VM-E01 Halogen Moisture Meter

VM-E01 Halogen Moisture Meter

High-Performance Moisture Analysis.

0.0001g(1mg)  0.001% MC Readability , 124g Max Weight;

Real-time Drying Curve,User & Permission Management;

96 sets custom method and 2004 sets historical data.

  • Supports weight calibration and temperature calibration.

  • Easy to operate, one-click start, get reliable results.

  • Ring-shaped halogen lamp,Drying quickly,evenly,Longevity.

  • 96 sets customized measurement methods.

  • MC%,DC%, AM%, AD%,Weight Value,Temperature,Time,etc

  • RS232/RS485(connect PC, printer, PLC, LIMS,MES,etc.)

  • Suitable for different standards(ISO,ASTM,GB/T,etc)

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Product Details

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter

Technical Parameters



Weighing Accuracy (d)

0.0001g (d)

Moisture Readability


Moisture Range

0.00%-100.00% (MC% )

Solid Content Range DC%


Weight Sensor

Electromagnetic Force

Net Weight8.8KG
Temperature Accuracy 0.1℃

Weighing Range

124g (Optional 220g/300g)

Calibration Method

External Weight Calibration (Single-Point & Multi-Points)&Temp. Calibration

Weight Repeatability≤3d
Heating UnitHalogen Lamp

Temperature Sensor


Heating Program

Standard Heating, Step heating, Rapid heating, Soft Heating

Heating Temp. Range

40-200℃(250℃ Customizable
Temp. ControlPID
Heating Time1-99 minutes by 1s
Stop Mode

Timing Stop, Manual Stop, Automatic Stop

History Data

2004 Sets

Custom determination methodCan Set 96 Custom Methods
Display Data

MC%(Moisture),DC%(Solid Content), ATRO Dry, ATRO Wet,Sample Weight,Moisture Weitht,

Dryer Sample Weitht,Tempreture,Time, Analysis Curve

More Function

User management/permission management/temperature calibration

dynamic curve/sample number customization

Testing Methods&StandardsMeets various national standards, industry standards and international standards
Program upgradesSupport USB flash drive local program update and upgrade
Display& Operating5-Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
Sample PanΦ90mm aluminum sample Pan*50,Stainless Steel Sample*4
Sample Height
24.5mm Max
Over Temperature Guards

Aluminum High Temperature Radiator&Automactic Over-temperature protector

Baud Rate


Data Communication

RS232/RS485(can be connected to a computer, printer, PLC, LIMS,MES,etc.)

Print Function

Optional Printer (thermal, needle, adhesive, etc.


1-38℃(18-25℃ will better)

Host Size (W*D*H)

Power Supply

220V or 110V 50HZ   Max 500W 

Applicable Industries

《Industry Applicability and Detectable Sample Table for VM-E Series》

General IndustryFood, timber, paper, textiles, coal, ore, sand, soil, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, tobacco.
Inorganic Salt PowderCalcium carbonate, refractory materials, talcum powder, alumina, gypsum, desiccants, ceramic slurry, ceramic powder.
Food and DrugsTraditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, Health Food, Essential Oils, Dehydrated Foods, Food Fillings, Food Powders, Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits, Grain Products, Sugars, Meat, Edible Oils, etc.
Battery IndustryLithium battery powder, lithium battery slurry, battery grade flakes, battery separator, graphene.
Plastic and Rubber IndustryABS, PP, PVB, PC, COC, BMC, DMC, SMC, BOPP, PBT, ESP, PET, PA, LCP, PVC, Recycled Plastic Chips, PE, Rubber, PS, EPE
Solid ContentPaint, milk soymilk, glue, adhesive, rubber, slurry, mud, sludge, silicone, chocolate, soy sauce, toothpaste etc.

VICOMETER Offers Customized Solutions for different samples& industries. For more details, please contact VICOMETER at sales@vicometer.com.


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