VM-S Split Series Halogen Moisture Meter

Research and design according to authoritative testing standards!

International Oven Method Moisture Meter

Multi-parameter display of solid content, moisture, measurement curve, etc.

Visualization window design of sample determination process

Custom measurement method for different types of samples

Upgrade halogen lamps, durable and fast heating

Only for the rapid and accurate determination of moisture, let you more satisfied!

OVERVIEW Products Specifications


The sensor is rear-mounted, with higher stability and easier operation. The sensor is far away from the high temperature area, and the temperature compensation system is used to better solve the impact of the environment and temperature on the value. The American gold-plated ceramic sensor makes the test result more excellent and accurate.

No training required, simple operation, no need to use tedious steps, one-click start drying method;

Fast analysis and advanced halogen lamp technology are the keys to ensure fast heating and accurate temperature control, short measurement time and high work efficiency.

Uniform heating, stable performance, accurate testing, and always maintain accurate moisture results;

No need to install and debug, can be used out of the box, small size and light weight;

Fully automatic measurement, alarm reminding after measurement, no need to watch the measurement process;

Supports a variety of customized measurement schemes, which can be set freely by users, has a wide range of uses, and is suitable for moisture determination in different industries;

Visual and transparent front window design, beautiful and generous, the most important thing is that the moisture change can be observed in real time during the work of the instrument;

Multiple data display methods: moisture value, initial sample value, final sample value, measurement time, initial temperature value, final temperature value

The parameters such as water content, solid content, moisture regain, wood, soil moisture content and weight can be converted at the same time;

User-defined measurement methods, convenient and fast storage and retrieval, no need to set each time

Imported materials and imported parts, the instrument is stable, accurate and long life;

The data processing CPU uses the original imported chips from the United States to ensure the stability and accuracy of the instrument operation.

The heating chamber is made of pure stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and easy to clean.

Split independent display, 7-inch color smart touch display

Unique windproof design and anti-electromagnetic radiation design, protect the stability and accuracy of the instrument weighing system

Standard RS232 two-way communication port, USB interface, Ethernet interface, to realize data communication with computer, printer or other equipment

Basic weighing, moisture analysis, SQC and other functions

Built-in infrared sensor (optional), through gesture sensing: to achieve the functions of balance peeling, printing, etc.

Comply with many national standards and American standards

Products Specifications

Product number





Weighing accuracy (d)



Moisture readability



Moisture range MC%



Solid content range DC%



Calibration method

External weight calibration

Internal weight calibration

External weight calibration

Internal weight calibration

Load cell

Rear-mounted electromagnetic force sensor

Weighing range


Repeatability (standard deviation)

Allowable ≤3d (actually ≤1d, d is the weighing accuracy of the instrument)

Heating method

Halogen lamp heating

Temperature Sensor

PT-100 high precision platinum rhodium temperature sensor

Drying program

Standard heating, step heating, extreme heating

Heating range


Heating interval


Drying time setting

1-99 minutes interval 1 minute

Stop mode

Timing, manual, automatic (stops under anhydrous constant weight state)

Assay Procedure

200 sets of custom measurement programs

History record

200 sets of historical data

Gesture sensing

Tare, start, print and other functions

Display parameters

Moisture value MC% Solid content DC% Total sample weight g Sample dry weight temperature ℃ Time Real-time trend curve

Display method

7 inch touch screen (optional infrared sensor)

Sample tray

304 stainless steel sample tray Ø90mm

Heating chamber height


Sample visible

Transparent window, you can observe the internal sample changes

defensive equipment

Tempered glass for halogen lamps

Baud rate


Data communication

RS232 can be connected to computer, printer, PLC, etc.

Print function

Optional printer (thermal, needle, sticker, etc.)

Use environment

1-38°C (18-25°C is best)

Working power

Voltage 220v ± 10% Frequency 50HZ ± 1HZ (110V power supply and power cord can be customized at the outlet)

Host size (W * D * H)




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