VM-E series Drying Method Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Research and design according to authoritative testing standards!

International Oven Method Moisture Meter

Multi-parameter display of solid content, moisture, measurement curve, etc.

Visualization window design of sample determination process

Custom measurement method for different types of samples

Upgrade halogen lamps, durable and fast heating

Only for the rapid and accurate determination of moisture, let you more satisfied!

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Rapid determination of solid, liquid and powder moisture

VM-E series "drying method" halogen moisture analyzer using high efficiency drying heater - high quality cyclic halogen light, the lamp heats the sample quickly and evenly, and the moisture of the sample is continuously dried. The entire measurement process is fast, automatic and simple. The instrument displays the measurement results in real time: moisture value, solid content, water weight dry weight ratio, wet weight dry weight ratio, sample initial value, final value, measurement time, the final temperature value, trend curve, etc.

The instrument can input data to printer, computer, PLC, etc. through RS232 serial port, which can be used in a few minutes (most samples), quickly measure the moisture in solid, liquid and powder, easy to operate, integrate multiple heating modes, and work in a variety of ways. Demand is widely and used in industries such as Grain, food, agriculture, chemicals, plastics, new energy, new materials, medicine, scientific research and testing etc.

VM-E Series " drying method " halogen moisture analyzer principle:

The heating weight loss method is a kind of physical analysis method for moisture determination, which uses the influence of temperature on water volatilization to dry out the moisture in the material. The internationally accepted standard measurement method is the oven method. As the name suggests, the material sample is placed in an oven for drying and heating, and then weighed by an electronic balance. The moisture value is calculated manually.

VM-E10 Halogen Moisture Analyzer Series distinguish it from other products is that the traditional moisture measurement is used oven drying method. The test of one sample takes two to three or even three to four hours, and it needs to be weighed manually and calculated by the balance to get the moisture value of the sample. The low efficiency of the traditional oven method for moisture determination cannot adapt to the high - tempo enterprise production needs.

The moisture meter use halogen light as heating source, so called Halogen Moisture Analyzer, VM- E10 principle is implantation halogen gas such as iodine or bromine in the bulb, at high temperature effect. The sublimated tungsten filament chemically interacts with the halogen, the sublimated tungsten will re- solidify on the tungsten wire to form a balanced cycle to prevent premature rupture of the tungsten wire. Therefore, halogen bulbs are longer than incandescent lamps. At the same time, because the filament can work at higher temperatures, so higher brightness, higher color temperature and higher luminous efficiency are obtained.

VM-E10 " drying method " Halogen Moisture Analyzer integrated upgrade the principle of international oven drying method, the heating module, the weighing module, the operation module and the human-machine intelligent module are perfectly combined, measurement trend and the measurement result system are automatically determined and automatically stopped. The results are in good agreement with the oven method for moisture determination, and the work efficiency is much higher than the oven method for moisture determination. Use VM- E10 " Drying" method halogen moisture meter, the general sample can be measured in just a few minutes, so it is favored and praised by enterprise users.

Applicable Industry

VM-E series halogen moisture analyzer is used in all industries that need rapid moisture measurement, such as granular, powder, flakes, and non-volatile liquids can be measured, such as: pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and semiconductor industries, plastic materials, rubber, tobacco, tea, food, starch, feed, coal, molding sand, sewage sludge, dairy etc. VM-E series halogen moisture analyzer is the best choice for the company's production process and laboratory moisture measurement equipment!

General industryfood, wood, paper, textile, coal, ore, sand, soil, fertilizer, feed, chemical, tobacco
Inorganic saltcalcium carbonate, refractory material, talcum powder, alumina, gypsum, desiccant, eramic slurry, ceramic powder
Food and DrugChinese medicine, western medicine, health food, essential oil, dehydrated food, food stuffing, food powder, fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, noodles, sugar, meat, cooking oil, etc.
Battery industrylithium battery powder, Lithium battery paste, battery class, graphene.
Plastic rubber industryABS, PP, PVB, PC, COC, BMC, DMC, SMC, BOPP, PBT plastic film, ESP polylon, PET plastic, PA polyamide, LCP, PVC, recycled plastic, bottle flakes, PE polyethylene, rubber, PS styrene, EPE pearl wool
Solid contentpaint, milk and soy milk, glue, adhesive, rubber, slurry, mud, sludge, silica gel, chocolate, soy sauce, toothpaste, etc.
Our company has a series of moisture measurement technology solutions, welcome to inquire your exclusive moisture measurement solution! Email:sales@vicometer.com


● Halogen Moisture Analyzer is used to measure the moisture and solid content in the sample. It can cause personal injury and damage the instrument if used to any other application.

● Please read the instructions before use, do not use under environmental conditions that do not meet the requirements (electromagnetic force, wind, vibration, etc.)

● Ensure that there is enough space around the instrument to avoid heat buildup and overheating.

● Because the area all around the heating unit around the instrument becomes hot, do not place flammable objects around the instrument.

● After the test, due to the sample itself and its container and the heating unit is still very hot, so should remove the sample carefully.

● During the heating and drying process, the ring halogen lamp is unconditionally heated to 400°C. Therefore, do not open or touch the heating unit. If you need to open it, please disconnect the power and wait until it is completely cooled.

● For substrates containing toxic elements, such substrates can only be heated and dried under good ventilation, such as fume hoods.

● It is recommended to place the sample which is easy to absorb water and regain moisture inside the vacuum glove box for operation and determination


● It can be used without installation, debugging, training and unpacking;

● It is easy to operate, one key operation, automatic shutdown, quick water content and other values;

● The heat dissipation unit adopts the aluminum alloy integrated heat dissipation panel to absorb the extra heat for effective heat dissipation;

● Visual and transparent front window design, beautiful and generous, which can observe the moisture change in real time during the working process of the instrument;

● Various data display modes: moisture value, initial value of sample, final value of sample, measurement time, initial value of temperature, final value of temperature;

● 100 user-defined measurement methods, convenient and fast storage and retrieval, no need to set each time;

● Imported materials and parts, stable, accurate and long service life of instruments are our eternal pursuit;

● The data processing CPU adopts the chip imported from the United States to ensure the stability and accuracy of the instrument operation;

● Temperature control and sensor module are newly upgraded, with faster temperature rise and even temperature control;

● Brand new appearance design, imported raw materials with special formula, real high temperature resistance;

● Unique wind proof design and electromagnetic radiation resistant design to protect the stability and accuracy of instrument weighing system;

● RS232 serial port, expandable computer communication, printer communication, PLC and network management;

● The original imported electromagnetic force sensor is selected for higher stability and temperature drift rejection;

● It meets a number of national standards and American standards.


VM-E series Drying Method Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Instrument Calibration Steps:

First assemble the halogen moisture analyzer and connect the power. Turn on the power switch.

The internal calibration model is fully automatic calibration, just click calibration.

▶ 1、For external calibration models, click "Range Calibration" and prompt to place weights;

▶ 2、After placing a 100g weight, click the calibration function key again;

▶ 3、Automatic instrument calibration;

▶ 4、"100.000" is displayed at the end of the calibration, and the single-point calibration is completed.

Sample Setermination Steps:

▶ 1、Cover the heating cover after sampling;

▶ 2、Set the required heating temperature in advance, such as "105℃";

▶ 3、Wait for the value to stabilize and press the "Start" key to start the measurement;

▶ 4、When the measurement is over, the instrument displays the measurement result.

The above determination steps are test steps in automatic shutdown mode. The instrument can be used for regular shutdown, or set other heating temperatures and heating procedures. Please contact us for a solution!

VM-E Series Halogen Moisture Analyzer Applicable Standards

● ISO 10337-1997 Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method.

● AATCC 199-2012 Drying Time of Textiles Moisture Analyzer Method.

● ASTM D6980-17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Loss in Weight.

● ISO 15512-2008 Plastics-Determination of water content.

● Etc.

VM-E Series Packing List

Serial No.Product NameQty
1Moisture Analyzer Host1
2Aluminum Sample Pan50
3Fiberglass Paper10
420, 50, 100g weight1
5Cleaning Brush1
6Special forceps for weights1
7Fiber gloves2
8U disk (product electronic manual /video)1
9Temperature Calibrator(only Model VM-E10/VM-E01)1
10Pen(touch Function)1
11Power cord1
12User Manual1
13Factory Verification Certificate1
14Certificate / Warranty Card1

Be The Best Analytical Test Solution Provider

● VicoMeter specializes in the development, production, sales and service of laboratory analytical instruments.

● The registered trademark of the company is VicoMeter, and the instruments have passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification.

● Many products have obtained national utility patent certificates and appearance patent certificates.

Products Specifications

Weighing Accuracy (d)0.01g0.005g0.002g0.001g0.0001g
Moisture Readability0.01%0.001%
Moisture Range MC%Solid Content Range DC%0.00%-100.00%0.000%-100.000%
Weight SensorHBM Strain Gauge ForceElectromagnetic Force
Weighing Range128g (optional 224g/300g)
Calibration MethodExternal Weight Calibration (Single-Point & Multi-Points)
Repeatability (Standard Deviation)≤3d
Heating SourceHalogen Lamp
Temperature SensorPT-1000 Temperature Transmitter
Heating ProgramStandard Heating, Step heating, Rapid heating, Soft Heating
Heating Temperature Range40-250℃
Temperature Accuracy0.1℃
Heating Time setting1-99 minutes by 1 minute
Stop ModeTiming, Manual, Automatic
Measurement Data2004 sets
Display DataMC%(Moisture), DC%(Solid Content), ATRO Dry, ATRO Wet, Sample Weight, Moisture Weitht, Dryer Sample Weitht, Tempreture, Time, Analysis Curve
FunctionCustom Measurement Method, U Disk System Upgrade
Display& Operating5-Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
Sample Tray50 aluminum sample trays with 90mm diameter, optional stainless steel sample tray
Sample Height24.5mm
Sample PanAluminum Sample Pan(50pcs), Stainless Steel Sample Pan(4pcs)
Thermal ProtectionAluminum High Temperature Radiator
Baud rate2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Data CommunicationRS232/RS485(can be connected to a computer, printer, PLC, etc.)
Print FunctionOptional Printer (thermal, needle, adhesive, etc.)
Use Environment1-38℃ (18-25℃ ideal temperature)
PowerVoltage 220v±10%, frequency 50HZ±1HZ (110V power supply and power cord can be customized for export)
Host Size (W*D*H)315mm*210mm*205mm
Voltage220V or 110V 50HZ   Max 500W


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