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Mar. 09, 21

At the same time, VicoMeter products are also recognized by the majority of users. The product resources are mainly: moisture analyzer, density measuring instrument, electronic balance, physical instrument, optical instrument, chemical instrument, etc. The products are widely used in chemical industry, construction, paper, food, pharmaceutical, injection molds, electronics, universities, scientific research and other factories, schools, research units. Through a time of strategic partnership the company's products in the client work efficiency, and other aspects of development of production technology has played a significant role in the market satisfaction rate stable forefront of the industry. Government at all levels of care and support, JIANGSU VICTOR INSTRUMENT METER CO., LTD. has more than 30 domestic provinces and cities to develop a comprehensive sales channels, and to higher standards of quality export successfully into the United States, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other international markets, attracting more and more customers worldwide attention.

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