What is a rapid moisture meter?

Mar. 30, 21

Rapid moisture analyzer refers to heating and drying equipment combined with precision weighing sensor (balance) the heating method moisture analyzer, infrared lamp heating method is mainly (bulbs), halogen lamps, microwave heating, etc.; the most common or halogen moisture analyzer. VICOMETER brand rapid moisture meter is using this principle.

VICOMETER brand rapid moisture analyzer uses a halogen lamp works:
Moisture analyzer uses halogen bulbs (Halogen lamp), also known as tungsten halogen lamp, is a variant of incandescent, better performance. The principle is a halogen such as bromine or iodine injected gas within the lamp, at high temperature, the sublimation of tungsten halogen chemical action, the sublimation will resolidify tungsten the tungsten wire forming the loop balanced, avoiding premature fracture tungsten. Therefore live longer than incandescent halogen bulbs. And because the filament can operate at higher temperatures, resulting in higher brightness, higher color temperature and higher luminous efficiency.

Advantages: simple heating moisture analyzer operation, no other auxiliary agents, only added to the sample set or adjust the temperature control program can be detected; the rapid warming and energy radiation technique, the sample in the water in a few minutes within ten minutes of time to be able to balance the end of test results obtained, the efficiency and accuracy is much higher than the samples dried and then put the weighing scales conventional drying method to detect in an oven.

Disadvantages: heating moisture analyzer does not completely dry samples of water; the material contain other test results will oxidize or volatile in a heating temperature range is not accurate, the sample is added to the number and the length of time to detect different detection affect the results, of course, although heating rapid moisture analyzer has the defect, but for many had been using the oven baking time and then use weighing scales user test sample moisture, the adoption of these instruments is from bronze age sudden leap to the automation era. So called "Rapid moisture analyzer."

VICOMETER moisture meter to provide you with the best quality of water was measured program. Welcome to get advice.

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