How to choose the right moisture meters

Mar. 30, 21

Universal moisture analyzers are generally divided into four types, namely halogen moisture analyzers, portable moisture analyzers, Karl Fischer Titrator, and online moisture analyzers. According to the different materials measured by customers, the accuracy requirements are different, and the most suitable selection can be made.

Halogen moisture analyzer is usually suitable for water content detection of most samples. Generally, as long as the sample is heated without burning, explosion, or other volatile substances other than water, the halogen moisture analyzer can be used. The heating time is fast and the measurement value is accurate. It is a widely used moisture analyzer.

The advantages of the portable moisture analyzer are that it is small in size, high inaccuracy, and easy to carry, which is convenient for customers to bring out for outdoor use.

Karl Fischer moisture analyzer is suitable for measuring liquids or powders with low moisture content and is generally used for measuring organic solvents, chemical powders, chemical liquids, and other substances. Karl Fischer Moisture Meter display is based on the PPM level for higher accuracy.

The online near-infrared moisture meter is mostly used on the production conveyor belt. It is characterized by displaying the moisture value online and outputting signals in real-time, which is an ideal choice for enterprises with high requirements for moisture monitoring.

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