Halogen heating and infrared lamp heating distinction

Mar. 30, 21

Halogen lamps and infrared lamps is a fast drying type moisture meter used in the two most important heating source in which a halogen lamp came from behind to gradually replace the infrared light, the fundamental reason is halogen excellent heating performance and its stability victory IR moisture analyzer. Today Vico US Billiton led us to explore the instrument of their specific differences:

1. halogen lamp and the comparative advantages of infrared light are as follows:
1) relatively long service life of the halogen lamp, the heat value is relatively large.
2) halogen heating tube, so that the sample during the test, more uniform heating.
3) halogen lamps contain inert gases, on the life and performance of halogen lamps play a good role.

2. the main difference between halogen and infrared light:
The biggest difference between the alogen lamp and infrared lamp is that the point is that the halogen lamp glass envelope filled with some of the halogen element gas (usually iodine or bromine), its working principle is: When the heating filament, the tungsten atoms are evaporated to glass wall direction, when close to the glass wall, tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 ℃ and a halogen atom and together form a tungsten halide (bromide, iodide, tungsten or tungsten). Tungsten halogen continue to move to the center of the glass tube, came back to the filament oxidized due to tungsten halide is a very unstable compound, which when heated and then re-decomposed into tungsten and halogen vapor, so that the tungsten filament again deposited on to make up part evaporates. Through this recycling process, the filament life has not only been greatly extended (almost four times the infrared light), and because the filament can operate at higher temperatures, resulting in higher brightness, color temperature and higher higher luminous efficiency. Halogen heating lamp for the characteristics of the ring, so the heating process of the test sample, the sample surface is heated evenly, test out the sample without any change to make it better stability.

3. the infrared lamp heating features:
Infrared moisture meter multi-use infrared heating, the heating source is infrared heating lamps. Infrared heating lamps because a spherical body with a spotlight in the heating process, the test sample during heating will be concentrated at one point, easy to make the anxious middle sample, resulting in value are not allowed.

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